Installing an Octopus Deploy Tentacle

In this exercise, you'll be installing an Octopus Deploy Tentacle on your laptop.

  • 3.1 Download

    Go to the Octopus Deploy download page and download either the 32-bit or the 64-bit installer for the Octopus Tentacle.
  • 3.2 Run the installer

    Follow the installation wizard, referring to the links in the information box if needed. Do not configure your Tentacle yet, we will do that in a little bit.
  • 3.3 Configure the Tentacle

    Configure the tentacle to work as a listening tentacle. You can find your Octopus Thumbprint by creating a new Machine in the Octopus Web Portal. Note, you will not need to create a firewall exception as the server and tentacle are running on the same machine in this lab.

The information box

  • For more information on installing the Octopus Tentacle, take a look at the Octopus Deploy documentation

  • Not sure what the difference between a listening and a polling tentacle is? Check out the training videos for more information.